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Ash Crash
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Nov 13 30 - HDM + Contact
[White] Serious
This is for crit; let me know how I'm doing.
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Nov 13 10(no subject)
[White] Brow Raise
Roleplay Rules of Engagement;

[Work in Progress]

Bi-sexual; Open Minded; Playboy;

Have a weird fetish? Ask.
Jul 28 08 - I fucking WANT one
[White] Brow Raise

The GoldCaster’ is a custom made hollowbody guitar that features a solid 18 Karat Gold Top.  Additionally the following 33 items are made of solid 18 Karat Gold:
- Nut
- Bridge
- Saddles (6)
- Tone knob
- Volume knob
- Switch knobs (2)
- String tree
- Ferrules (6)
- Neck plate
- Strap buttons (2)
- Headstock logo
- Headstock Lettering (10)
Jun 27 08 - Kittens.
[Red]Pursed Lips
I found this small intruder in my bedroom a few nights ago, a  kitten had managed to crawl up the fire escape and into the window of my apartment.

I figured after that much work he deserved to be there. I've got him a tiny collar, and a tag, a bowl, a bed, and all those other things that animals seem to need. It's unusual having something else in this normally empty apartment. I'm glad I don't roll around in my sleep, the thing has a pension for crawling up into my bed and sleeping on or near me.

I haven't named it yet, but I assume I should soon, I can't really keep calling it 'it' forever.
Jun 27 08(no subject)
I sprained my wrist yesterday, all fucking thanks to a "fan". Decided to do the kindly thing and sign a few pictures and got my pant leg snagged by a wacko. Poor landing on my part, I'll admit, but I was fucking startled all to hell. Good fucking work, gotta put everything on bloody hold. Haven't you ever fucking heard, look don't touch?

Jun 26 08 - Logs.
[White] Brow Raise
 Will be posted here for reference.

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